VA-5A Condor Technical Specifications


  • Type: One man attack, all-weather, aerospace combat mecha; three-form Veritech.
  • Design: Maxwell Dynamics
  • Construction: Maxwell Dynamics, New Fort Worth Plant
  • Unit Cost: $140 Million (In 2070 adjusted International Credits)
  • Number Produced: 450

Service History

  • UEEF Marine Corps (MC) from 2028 until 2032


Fighter mode    

  • Total Length: 16.8 meters
  • Total Height: 4.1 meters
  • Total Wingspan: 9.3 meters

GERWALK mode              

  • Total Length: 9.3 meters
  • Total Height: 7.9 meters
  • Total Breadth: 6.3 meters

Battloid mode  

  • Total Depth: 6.3 meters
  • Total Height: 12.8 meters
  • Total Breadth: 6.3 meters


  • Total Dry Weight: 25.7 metric tons


Fighter mode    

  • Max level speed at 30,000m: 3060 kph (Mach 2.5)
  • Max level speed at 18,000m: 2380 kph (Mach 1.9)
  • Max level speed at 10,000m: 1930 kph (Mach 1.6)
  • Max level speed at sea level: 1020 kph (Mach .83)
  • Stall speed: 237 kph (VTOL rectification possible)
  • Initial climb rate: Over 25,800m per minute
  • Unboosted service ceiling: 35,000 meters

GERWALK mode              

  • Max level speed at all altitudes: 220 kph
  • Max level speed at sea level: 220 kph
  • Stall speed: None (VTOL)
  • Service ceiling: 
  • Max loiter time: 15 minutes

Battloid mode  

  • Max running speed: 108 kph
  • Max level speed at all altitudes: 330 kph
  • Max flying speed at sea level: 330 kph
  • Service ceiling: 2,240 meters
  • Max loiter time: 15 minutes


  • Typical delta-V (space): 7.8 kps, 10.6 w/ external reaction-mass tanks, 14.7 w/ external reaction-mass tanks and bomb-bay reaction-mass tank
  • Protoculture supply: 220 hours operational use
  • Design G limits: 11.5/-6.0 (Computer overrides at 10.5g)
  • Total Dry Weight: 25,700 kg
  • Gross Weight: 32,050 kg – with pilot (100 kg), reaction-mass (4224 kg), 32 Hammerhead missiles (928 kg) and gun pod (1100 kg)
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 38,500 kg



  • 2 x Pratt & Whitney JG95A fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbines. Max thrust, 118 kN each. One in each leg.
  • 6 x Turbo-Union ATF 401 fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix ramjets. Standard thrust 46.9 kN each; max thrust of 91.1 kN each for short periods. Two are mounted on the upper rear (jet mode only), two are flanking the JG95 engine in each leg, and three are mounted as VTOL thrusters on the lower fuselage.
  • 2 x Pratt & Whitney FE-98B first-stage intake fans, providing pressurized airflow to main, auxiliary, and VTOL engines.
  • Assorted small reaction thrusters and gyroscopes for all-environment maneuvers, attitude adjustment, and stability.


Reaction-mass Capacity:

  • 3820 liter internal D2O reactant for fusion engines
  • 2 x 700 liter external drop tanks for 1400 liters of D2O reactant total
  • 1 x 2000 liter internal reaction-mass tank


Radar tracking:

Optical tracking:

Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):


Internal Missiles:

  • 32 x Hughes ATM-04 Hammerhead short range multi-purpose missiles (the missiles are mounted in containers on both sides of the lower legs; 8 to each container).

 Internal weapons bay:

  • 4 x Derringer long range multi-purpose missiles
  • (or) 16 x GBU-40 laser-guided bombs
  • (or) 8 x CBU-190 Walleye 500kg cluster bombs
  • (or) 4 x GBU-48 tri-mode self-guided anti-mecha 1000 kg glide bombs
  • (or) 16 x SDBU2 250 kg small-diameter general-purpose bombs
  • (or) 8 x SDBU5 500 kg small-diameter general-purpose bombs
  • (or) 4 x SDBU10 1000 kg small-diameter general-purpose bombs
  • (or) 1 x 2000 liter internal reaction-mass tank
  • (or) 1 x high power, long distance, multi-spectral reconnaissance pod

Gun Pods:

  • 1 x Hughes EP-12 250 Megawatt three-barreled charged particle-beam gun pod (carried in right hand while in Battloid and GERWALK modes, mounted on the dorsal hardpoint while in Fighter mode).

External Hardpoints: 2 Hardpoints per wing, with multiple ordnance options, and two hardpoints under the intakes. The wing missiles are only available in fighter mode, and the Condor cannot transform without first ejecting both payload and racks. Available payloads include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 38 x Diamondback medium range anti-mecha missiles (seven per wing hardpoint on AMERs (Articulating Multiple Ejection Rack) and five per intake hardpoints on horizontal racks)
  • (or) 6 x RMS-2 “Angel of Death II” nuclear stand-off missiles (one per each hardpoint)
  • (or) 6 x Firebird long range aerospace missiles (one per each hardpoint)
  • (or) 6 x CBM-200 long range cluster-munition missiles (one per each hardpoint)
  • (or) 2 x 700 liter reaction mass drop tanks (one on each of the inner-most wing hardpoints, as they are the only hardpoints plumbed for reactant)
  • (or) a combination of any of the above stores


Type: Low-mass composite Chobham plate


  • Small-arms: Stops all
  • Heavy infantry weapons: Stops all
  • Light mecha mounted weapons: Stops all
  • Medium mecha mounted weapons: Fair to good resistance
  • Heavy mecha mounted weapons: No resistance
  • NBC protection: Full

Note: Small-arms generally include any and all rifle caliber munitions, up to 10x50mm (such as 7.62mm NATO); heavy infantry weapons range from 10x50mm to 15x100mm (such as .50 Call BMG); light mecha mounted weapons range from 15x100mm to 30mm (such as 22.3mm Zentraedi autocannon);  medium mecha mounted weapons range from 30mm to 75mm (such as the GU-11’s 55mm autocannon); heavy mecha mounted weaponry is generally considered to be anything over 75mm (such as the VHT-1 hover tank’s 105mm main gun).

Maxwell Dynamics VA-5 Condor main file

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Content by: Tim Wing, with Pieter Thomassen, Peter Walker and Rob Morgenstern


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