Turbo-Union Ltd.

  • Earth Head Office: London on the River Crouch (New London), United Kingdom (closed)
  • Extrasolar Head Office: Space Station Freedom, Robotech Repair Satellite
  • Established: 14 October 1969
  • Status: Ongoing concern, publicly traded company
  • Predecessor: Joint venture of FiatAvio (now Avio), MTU Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce
  • Current President (as of 2072): Kit Armitage

When it was formed in October 1969, Turbo-Union it was claimed to be the largest aero-engine consortium in the world. Its first product was the RB199, which was Europe’s biggest ever military engine program. Turbo-Union went on to be a major player in the production of fusion turbine engines. After the end of the 1st Robotech War, Turbo-Union re-established its corporate headquarters in the rebuilt capital of the United Kingdom, as well as a branch office on the Robotech Factory Satellite. The head office on Earth was closed at the beginning of the 3rd Robotech War for obvious reasons. Currently, Turbo-Union is in the process of re-organizing after declaring bankruptcy in 2068. Possible options being discussed include a merger with one of its old parent companies, Rolls-Royce.

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