The Boeing Company

  • Earth Head Office: Portland, Oregon, United States (closed)
  • Extrasolar Head Office: Space Station Equality, Robotech Factory Satellite
  • Established: 1916 (as Pacific Aero Products Co.)
  • Status: Ongoing concern
  • Founder: William E. Boeing

The Boeing Company is a Space Station Equality based corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells missiles and avionics for the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF). Prior to the First Robotech War, Boeing was among the largest global aerospace manufacturers, controlling approximately half of the world’s commercial airliner market. After the Zentraedi “Rain of Death”, all of Boeing’s manufacturing facilities on the planet were destroyed. The sole remaining company asset was a small engineering team located on the SDF-1, who were responsible for the integration program on the HMM-01 Starburst missile, which was being used on the Super Valkyrie.

Clint Jackson, the site manager of the team, was the controlling share holder after the war. (His stake before the war was a mere $35,000 worth of stock options that he received as part of the sign-on bonus which lured him away from Union Carbide.) He reestablished the corporate headquarters in New Macross after the SDF-1 returned to Earth, later moving the headquarters to Portland Oregon after the destruction of the SDFs 1 and 2. Boeing continued to build the Starburst missile at the SDF-1 manufacturing facility, until the operation was moved to the Robotech Factory Satellite (Space Station Equality). As production on the Starburst was winding down, Boeing was at risk of loosing its sole remaining product line. The company was saved when they submitted an unsolicited bid for a free-fall bomb that could be used in both air and space (the SDBU-series of bombs). This contract kept the company solvent and continues to be one of Boeing’s biggest revenue producers.

After the end of the Third Robotech War, Boeing attempted to move back into the commercial aviation industry, but thus far has not managed to have any success. They continue to be producer of missiles and guidance systems, as well as an engineering subcontractor for the big defense contractors.

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