RRG RRL-2P Miniaturized Protoculture-cell Energizer

The RRL-2P was a miniaturized Protoculture-cell energizer designed by the Robotech Research Group (Tokyo) for use in human built mecha then in use, and projected to come into use, by the United Earth Defense Force. It succeeded the RRL-1 Protoculture-cell energizer then in use in the VF-1 Valkyrie Veritech Fighter. While its overall output was somewhat less than the RRL-1, at 520 MW versus 650 MW, it had the advantage of being less than half the size and weight of the earlier unit. This allowed it to be installed in the much smaller UEDF and UEEF mecha then coming into service.  

  • Designed: 2014
  • Manufacture: (Earth) General Electric Fusion Power Division, Monument City, Minnesota, United States; (Extrasolar) RRG Production Affiliates LLC, Space Station Equality (Robotech Factory Satellite) and the Esbeliben 4432369th Fully-automated Weapons Factory (Tirol orbit).
  • Weight: 575 kg.
  • Output: 520 MW
  • Cell count: 16 Standard Tiresian Protoculture Cells
  • Platforms: Alpha, Beta, Condor, Cougar, Logan, Sylphide

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