RRG PSE7C Plasma-Shock Expansion Engine

The PSE7C was a small reaction engine rated to 56 kN. While this engine had an impressive output for its size and weight, it had poor reaction-mass consumption characteristics. In the case of the Condor DA1 armored descent package, the only platform on which this engine was utilized, it could only be fired for 4 minutes before fuel burnout.

  • Type: plasma-shock expansion engine
  • Manufacturer: RRG Production Affiliates LLC, Space Station Equality (Robotech Factory Satellite)  
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 170 centimeters
    • Diameter: 106 centimeters
    • Dry weight: 230 kg.
  • Ratings:
    • Maximum thrust: 56 kN
    • Thrust-to-weight ratio: .24 kN/kg.
  • Platforms: DA1 Drop Armor package for the VA-5 Condor

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