Robotech Research Group (RRG)

  • Earth Head Office: Monument City, Minnesota, United States
  • Earth Branch Offices: Brisbane, Australia; Tokyo, Japan, Far East Sector; Brasilia, Brazil
  • Extrasolar Head Office: Tiresia, Tirol
  • Extrasolar Branch Offices: Space Station Equality, Robotech Factory Satellite; Space Station Freedom, Robotech Repair Satellite; Space Station Liberty, Robotech Factory Space Station
  • Established: March 2000
  • Status: Ongoing governmental concern
  • Founder: Established by the United Nations Council for Technological Development
  • Current Chief of Operations (as of 2072): Dr. Misha Maxwell
  • Operating Components: RRG – Brisbane, RRG – Monument City, RRG – Tokyo, RRG – Brasilia, RRG – Tiresia, RRG – Equality, RRG – Liberty, RRG – Freedom

The Robotech Research Group (RRG) is a governmental agency tasked with the study of Robotechnology and Protoculture. Practically, the RRG is involved in the development of high technology weapons, power generation and space propulsion. The RRG is responsible for breakthroughs in Protoculture power generating systems, understanding of the Zentraedi super-dimensional warp system, advanced man portable directed energy small arms and various other technological breakthroughs. The RRG has no production facilities of its own, rather contracts to produce its designs are awarded to companies through the usual government contract bidding process. Some companies, such as RRG Production Affiliates LLC located on Space Station Equality (the Robotech Factory Satellite), have established themselves for the sole purpose of producing designs originating at the RRG. Though the RRG has declined in importance as alien technologies become more well understood, it continues to be the primary government funded research institute.

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