Pratt & Whitney JG95 Fusion Turbine

The Pratt & Whitney JG95 was the first in a series of fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbines used on the Maxwell Dynamics series of Alpha Veritech Fighters, and their derivatives. The JG95 was the first fusion turbine developed exclusively by Pratt & Whitney. Its development was made possible by P&W’s participation in the development and manufacture of the FF-2001 fusion turbine engines for the VF-1 Valkyrie with partners Shinnakasu Heavy Industries and Rolls-Royce.

The JG95 improves upon the basic design of the FF-2001 in the areas of compressor flow efficiency and resistance to fatigue caused by the intense heat inherent in a fusion turbine design. This is done through the use of composite materials and alloys not available when the first fusion turbines were produced. Most importantly, the JG-95 was much smaller than the FF-2001, allowing it to be used on Earth’s later generations of Veritechs.

JG-95A: The 95A was the first production standard version of the series and was used on the Block 10-29 Alpha Veritechs, as well as on the early versions of the VA-5 Condor. Maximum thrust was 118 kN.

JG-95M: The JG-95M (M for Modernized) was developed from the JG-95A to power the later VA-5C version of the Condor Veritech Fighter. The 95M was used rather than the newer JG-series engines found in the later blocks of Alphas due to a need to avoid changing the engine bay dimensions on the C-variant of Condors. As the Condor was a low production weapons platform, the cost of a major redesign could not be justified. The JG-95M produced a maximum thrust of 137 kN.

  • Type: fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbine
  • Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney
  • Developed into: JG-97
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 146.4 centimeters
    • Diameter: 58 centimeters
    • Dry weight: 705 kg.
  • Ratings:
    • Maximum thrust: (A) 118 kN, (M) 137 kN
    • Thrust-to-weight ratio: (A) .17 kN/kg. (M) .19 kN/kg.
  • Platforms: Alpha, Condor

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