Pratt & Whitney FE-98B First Stage Intake Fan

The FE-98B was a first-stage intake fan on the VA-5 Condor Veritech fighter. It provided pressurized airflow to main, auxiliary, and VTOL engines. The 98B was a slightly larger, higher output variant of the FE-97A found on the VF/A-6 Alpha. The overall concept was similar to the first stage intake fan on the Shinnakasu / P&W / Rolls-Royce FF-2001 fusion turbines, though instead of being integrated into the engine package, it was designed as a standalone unit which could be used as either a first-stage intake fan in fusion turbine applications, or as a dedicated lift fan (though no platforms were ever produced which took advantage of this). At low air-speed operation, the FE-98B Provided pressurized air to meet the volumetric needs of the Condor’s ATF 401 fusion ramjets and JG95 fusion turbines. At higher airspeeds this was no longer necessary and the unit’s turbine blades would automatically feather, allowing unrestricted airflow to the Veritech’s engines.

  • Type: first-stage intake fan for fusion turbine and fusion ramjet engines
  • Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney
  • Developed from: FE-97A
  • Ratings: N/A
  • Platforms: Condor

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