Mecha Journal Information Group Publications


Equipment Indexes

  • Terra: United Earth Government (UEG)
  • Terra: Eastern Block of Soviet Independent States (EBSIS)
  • Terra: Non-aligned States
  • Tirol: Tiresian Mercantile Empire
  • Tirol: Zentraedi Fleets
  • Optera: The Invid
  • Haydon IV: the Haydonites
  • Karbarra: the Karbarran Commonwealth

This new series of products from the Mecha Journal Information Group has been named Thomassen, Morgenstern and Walker’s in honor the founders of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide: Pieter Thomassen, Robert Morgenstern, and Peter Walker. It is their work to which this publication traces its origins to. Both myself (the editor) and the whole staff here at Mecha Journal owe a great debt to these gentlemen and the uRRG.