Maxwell Dynamics Aerospace Ltd.

  • Earth Head Office: Naihogi, Columbia, South America (closed)
  • Extrasolar Head Office: Space Station Equality, Robotech Factory Satellite (closed)
  • Established: 2012
  • Status: Purchased by Shimada Enterprises in 2033
  • Founder: Donald Maxwell

Maxwell Dynamics Aerospace Ltd was formed in 2012 when Texas oil magnate Donald Maxwell purchased the assets of Fairchild Republic, Grumman Aerospace Corporation and the aerospace division of General Dynamics from the United Earth Government, who at that time were trying to disperse industrial assets of Earth’s shattered postwar economy into the hands of individuals who could bring them back into operation. Maxwell Dynamics’ first products were legacy platforms from Fairchild and General Dynamics, the much-upgraded A-10E and F-16G/H respectively. These were sold mostly to the United States Air Force before it was merged into the UEDF after the signing of the Darwin Accords. Maxwell Dynamics’ first original design was the ambitious VQ-6 Vandal Veritech drone fighter. This was an unsolicited design proposal, which eventually led to the VF/A-6 Alpha series of fighters, propelling the company to the position of one of the top defense contractors on post-war Earth. In 2020, Donald Maxwell moved the company headquarters from New Fort Worth, Texas in the United States to Naihogi, Columbia (a town founded by Hindi refugees after the 1st Robotech War). This move led to a lawsuit being filed by the United States Department of Revenue, resulting in six years of litigation in the United Earth Government’s courts. The final verdict was that Maxwell Dynamics had to apportion its corporate income tax bill based on the percentage of its operations based in the US, versus that which was based in Columbia. Shortly after this, all manufacturing operations were moved to the Robotech Factory Satellite. Throughout its existence, Donald Maxwell retained sole ownership of the corporation. After the Invid Invasion of Earth, Donald Maxwell (who was located at the branch office on the Robotech Factory Satellite) fell into a deep state of depression, having assumed his son and heir was dead. He later, in 2033, sold the entirety of Maxwell Dynamics to Shimada Enterprises. Later, in 2034, Donald Maxwell committed suicide.

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