Hughes EP-13 Particle Beam Gun Pod

The Hughes EP-13 was a three-barreled 80mm particle gun pod based on the earlier EP-12. Due to its scaled-down size, it had a slower rate of fire at 170 rounds per minute in full automatic mode versus the EP-12’s 240 rounds per minutes. Like the EP-12, it could fire all three barrels simultaneously in semiautomatic mode at approximately one shot per second. This weapon fired one 8.2 MJ pulse per barrel in each mode, with its own dedicated protoculture cell and capacitor banks in the ‘magazine’. This specific Protoculture cell was a rare example of a non-standard unit in service with the UEEF, as almost all of their mecha used the “Standard Tiresian Protoculture Cell”. This weapon, built into an external shell identical to that of the GU-13, was developed in 2025 by the UEEF, but didn’t see wide use until 2026. By 2031, the EP-13 had almost completely replaced the GU-13 as the main cannon of Alphas in the UEEF’s inventory. The weapon is stored under the wing root in fighter mode, and in the hand in GERWALK and Battloid modes.

  • Designed: 2025
  • Manufacturer: Hughes Electronics (Robotech Factory Satellite production facility)
  • Weight: 862 kg.
  • Length: 489 centimeters
  • Height: 287 centimeters
  • Width: 46 centimeters
  • Rate of Fire: 170 discharges per minute
  • Output: 8.2 MJ
  • Ammunition Capacity: Approximately 1800 discharges before Protoculture cell depletion
  • Platforms: Alpha, Boxer, Excalibur, Gladiator, Jackal, Thakun, Spartan II

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