Adapted from the 1st edition Robotech RPG Book Two RDF Manual by Kevin Siembieda

The Sectors

The United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) split the world into Operational Sectors. These sectors did not quite conform to geographical continents but were rather for the purpose of dividing the planet into Areas of Responsibility for UEDF’s six Army Commands.

  1. The North American Sector – Included Canada and the United States. Non-aligned states included Quebec, the York Barony and the Arkansas Protectorate. Scattered communities with major industrial clusters.
  2. The South American Sector – Mostly jungle with pockets of civilization. It is believed to have the greatest concentration of Zentraedi in the world. Included the Venezuelan Territorial Sector, Brazil, West Brazil, The Highlands, Upper Argentine, the Argentine Territorial Sector, the Mexican Territorial Sector and the Central American Territorial Sector. Also included the Western Hemisphere’s lone Eastern Block Soviet Independent State (EBSIS) of the Republic of Cuba and the non-aligned state of the Merchant Republic.
  3. Northern European Sector – Included Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom and the Western European Union. EBSIS member states included the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Albania, Yugoslavia and the People’s Republic of Greece. Non-aligned states included Andorra and Republic of Ireland. The white areas on the map represent habitable areas, the black is wasteland.
  4. Africa Sector – Encompassed the huge territories of Africa and Central Asia. Most unpopulated, a combination of desert and jungle. Included Turkey, the Saudi Peninsula Territorial Sector, the North Africa Territorial Sector, the Economic Community of West Africa, Sierra Leon, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, the Sub-Saharan Territorial Sector, the Economic Community of Central Africa, the East African Community, Angola, Zambia, the South African Customs Union, the South African Territorial Sector and the Madagascar Territorial Sector. EBSIS member states included Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Benin, the People’s Republic of the Congo, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, the Saudi People’s Republic, Iran, Afghanistan, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the East Asian Soviet Protectorate (China). Non-aligned states included the Islamic Republic, the Ethiopian Freeholding and the Empire of Greater Zimbabwe.
  5. The Far East Sector – Consisted solely of Japan. This was the most populated and technologically advanced sector in the world. The Robotech Research Center was in New Tokyo.
  6. The Eastern Sector – Included Indochina Territorial Sector, Indonesian Territorial Sector, Australia and New Zealand. Also included the non-Soviet controlled portion of the People’s Republic of China.

The Major Quadrants and Highlights

A. SX Point 83, site of the UES Macross, and UEDF headquarters at nearby Monument City, Ontario, Canada.

B. Quebec: Non-aligned nation.

C. Arkansas Protectorate: Self-governing Zentraedi state, under the protection of the UEG.

D. Mexico Territorial Sector: Widely populated Federally Administrated Territory of the UEG.

E. Venezuelan Territorial Sector: Federally Administrated Territory of the UEG. Modest population.

F. Former Zentraedi Control Zone: Widely populated by hostile Zentraedi in the post war period and site of the Malcontent Uprisings. Administrated by Brazil. Dense jungle terrain.

G. Brazil: Most populous South American state with major industrial, facilities and UEDF bases.

H. Upper Argentine and the Argentine Territorial Sector: Widely populated with several UEDF bases, was the hub of Zentraedi Control Zone operations.

I. Scandinavia Quadrant: Includes Norway, Sweden and Finland. Most widely populated region of the UEG. Largely untouched by the Zentraedi attack at the end of the First Robotech War. Industry and technology levels remained at the pre-war levels. Norway was the site of a major UEDF base.

J. Eastern Bloc Soviet Independent State: Included the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland and the rest of the Warsaw Pact, as well as Communist States in Central Asia and Africa. Black areas represent wastelands.

K. Economic Community of Central Africa: One of several UEG African Customs Unions. Second largest center of hostile Zentraedi activity during the post-war period. Mostly jungle.

L. India Territorial Sector: Highly impoverished Federally Administrated Territory of the UEG. Site of Zentraedi activity in the post-war period.

M. East Asian Soviet Protectorate (also known as the Manchurian Quadrant): EBSIS occupied China. Government was a Soviet installed monarchy. A mix of high and low technology. Scattered communities; mostly grassland.

N. Peoples Republic of China (also known as Free China): Modestly populated and has a low technology level.

O. Indochina Territorial Sector: Federally Administrated Territory of the UEG. Includes Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaya. Mostly jungle which harbors large numbers of Zentraedi.

P. Indonesia Territorial Sector: Federally Administrated Territory of the UEG. Includes Sumatra, Philippines and New Guinea.

Q. Australia: Suffered relatively lite damage in the final attack of the First Robotech War, was a major industrial center in the post-war period.

Note: Black areas on the map represent vast wastelands resulting from the Zentraedi planetary attack. White areas represent habitable areas.

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