Malar-gan (Overseer) Large General-Purpose Robot

Malar-gan (UEEF Reporting name: Overseer) Large General-Purpose Robot

by Tim Wing

The Overseer, or Red Enforcer as it was first called, was a combat robot used by the Regent’s faction of the Invid race. Externally, it appeared to be identical to the Malar (Enforcer) power armor in use by both factions, only it was approximately twice as large. Little is known about this mecha in the way of concrete data, as no example has ever been captured for examination. For example, it is not known if this mecha was a conventional robot powered by stage four Invid pilot, or if it was a powered armor suit made specifically for an evolved Invid pilot of increased size. For the purposes of this article, it will be assumed that the Overseer was indeed a robot built for a normal sized pilot as this is the prevailing opinion.

The Overseer’s weapons fit was similar in appearance to the Enforcer’s. It had two forearm-mounted anti-personnel laser cannons. It is calculated that each shot should have delivered 500 kJ of laser energy if they were indeed scaled up versions of the Enforcer’s lasers. It is also quite possible that these lasers were the same in specification to its smaller brother. The Overseer also carried a torpedo shaped plasma rifle similar in appearance to that of the Enforcer’s, only twice as large of course. If it was simply a scaled-up design, it is calculated that it would fire a 25 MJ plasma beam. This would make this weapon comparable to the MBR-04 Tomahawk’s main particle beam gun.

The Overseer was first encountered on Tirol by the planetary defense forces of the Tiresian Legion. These mecha, along with their Speeder aircraft which appear to be specifically designed for their use, were used in small numbers as battlefield observers for the Regents invasion force. On the rare occasions that they were seen, they appeared to have been carrying out battlefield damage assessments for the Regent’s forces. All contacts with the Overseer ceased after the departure of the Regent. For this reason, it is thought that the Overseers acted as a Royal Guard for the Regent himself. This is supported by the fact that all sightings of the Overseer by the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF) were in theatres of operation where the Regent was present. All sightings ended after the destruction of the Regent’s hive on Optera in March 2044.


  • Height: 4.3 meters (observed)
  • Depth: 1.5 meters (observed)
  • Breadth: 1.8 meters (observed)
  • Weight:  1160 kilograms (estimated, without pilot)


  • 2 x forearm-mounted anti-personnel laser cannons.
  • Optional: 1 x plasma rifle.


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