Hafif Naklye Light Landing Boat

Hafif Naklye (UEDF Reporting code: S-C2) Light Landing Boat

from the Macross Mecha Manual

edited by Tim Wing

The Hafif Naklye functions as an extended range deployment/retrieval ship either carrying troops and mecha into battle or transporting units back to a larger carrier. At 250 meters in length, the Light Transport Boat is designed with a large internal bay that can hold Zentraedi infantry or Battle Pods in the crouched possition. Entrance and egress for the main bay is achieved through a single main hangar door at the rear of the craft, protected by two exterior “wing” doors. The large cargo bay can hold up to 25 fully equipped personnel or ten Reguld or 12 Nousjadeul-Ger battle suits. The Light Transport Boat is a non-combat ship without a fold system but does feature small guns for defense.

  • Equipment Type: light troop landing ship
  • Government: Zentradi Main Fleets and Border Fleets
  • Accommodation: 25 personnel or lesser number of Reguld and Nousjadeul-Ger units
  • Dimensions: total length 250.0 meters
  • Power Plant: one medium Protoculture reactor
  • Propulsion: 8 x main thruster nozzles; many x vernier thrusters



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