Fuji FA-408 Fan Liner

Fuji FA-408 Fanliner

by Tim Wing


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The FA-408 Fanliner was a light civil aviation aircraft designed by Ikki Takemi of the aviation division of Fuji Heavy Industries. Primary production was at their Macross Island facility, starting on 2008. After the disastrous fold incident of the UES Macross, which resulted in the destruction of Macross City and subsequent rebuilding inside the bowls of the ship, the factory established a shop onboard the ship. This shop was occupied primarily with the war effort, building component parts for VF-1 Valkyries and other weapons systems. As a side project, however, the shop built a few FA-408s from parts and components salvaged from the old factory. As a promotional stunt, one of these completed Fanliners were given away as first place prize for the winner of the Miss Macross Contest. This FA-408 was eventually given to General Richard Hunter, who had an unspecified relationship with the pop idol Lynn Minmay. This particular FA-408 is the only known example still inexistence, and can be seen on display at the Monument City Heritage Aviation Museum.

  • Equipment Type: light fan jet liner
  • Designer: Ikki Takemi
  • Builder: Fuji Heavy Industries
  • Government: privately owned
  • Accommodation: two, pilot plus passenger
  • Power Plant: VA-18 hydro-turbine engine; output 500-600 hp
  • Propulsion: single-fan jet
  • Performance: maximum range 400-450 kilometers




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