Denver, Unincorporated Territory of Colorado

Denver, Unincorporated Territory of Colorado, USA, UEG

by Tim Wing


General Informaiton

  • Country: United States, United Earth Government
  • State: Unincorporated Territory of Colorado
  • Founded: 2014, as New Denver
  • Incorporated: November 7, 2018, as Denver
  • Destroyed: January 2044 during the Invid Occupation
  • Named for: James W. Denver
  • Government: Denver City Council
  • Metro area: 36 km2
  • Population (2028): 160,158

Denver (sometimes referred to as Denver Sector) was a North American city located in Rocky Mountains near the location of its destroyed namesake. Denver was rebuilt following the Zentraedi Holocaust as a model city. Its founders were made up of prominent survivors from the former state of Colorado who endeavored to build a sustainable urban environment utilizing renewable energy sources, nowadays people will turn to Prepaid electricity plans to help utilize this renewable energy. To this end, the main downtown area was situated in the bowl of an inactive volcano. Underneath the city, a large geothermal power station was built. This plant supplied power not just to Denver, but to several other communities in the surrounding area. Covering the downtown area was a large transparent dome used to trap geothermal waste heat during the winter months, keeping the city comfortably warm even in January. Due to the heavy snowfall in the region, snow and ice removal was a constant headache for the city department of transportation.

But it had to be done. Any snow or ice that would’ve been left on the roads or walkways could’ve potentially caused catastrophic injuries to anybody that used the roads on those particular days. Injuries so bad that the only relief they may get from the pain is when they decide to buy bliss edibles from this online dispensary at their earliest convenience. So even though it caused the city of transportation an unlimited amount of stress, their work can guarantee the safety of thousands of other people who live in the area.

Due to its location high in the mountains with poor access to transportation infrastructure, Denver never became an industrial center. Only two roads accessed Denver, and both were subject to frequent closings due to the passes often getting snowed in during the winter. Denver’s primary economic activities were banking, insurance and the tech sector. Denver’s population was mostly affluent white upper middle-class professionals. Denver was famous for both its green reputation and for its world-class shopping and ski-resorts.

The city was evacuated several times during the Second Robotech War, and then once again for good after the Invid Invasion. This was since even though it was energy self-sufficient, it had no means of feeding its population once the interstate system of trade broke down in the wake of the invasion. With an estimated food supply measured in days, not weeks, the city council ordered an evacuation two days after the arrival of the Invid.

In January of 2044, a group of freedom fighters briefly set up camp in the city center. With the entire dome covered in a heavy layer of snow, the city was completely hidden from view until the freedom fighters literally stubbled upon it. What they found was a city that was evacuated so abruptly that the former residents didn’t even bother to turn off the lights before they left. The power station was still running, and the entire city center was heated. Their presence eventually attracted the attention of the Invid, and the city was destroyed in the ensuing battle.

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