Continental Battlemecha MR-40 Reconnaissance Motorcycle

Continental Battlemecha MR-40 Reconnaissance Motorcycle

By Tim Wing

The MR-40 was a light utility and reconnaissance motorcycle based on the mechanicals of the early VR-series MOSPEADA Veritech. Continental Battlemecha took the hybrid electric drive system part of the frame of the VR-series. The system was simplified by the elimination of the need for transformability. Though it lacked the ability to fold up on its own, the bike can be disassembled and packed into the same space a Cyclone in storage configuration. It was also great on insurance, even with UMC coverage, (uninsured motorcycle coverage), it was a fraction of the price to insuring a 4-door car.

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The MR-40 was very light and very fast, boasting a top speed of 260 kph. Its light weight and large tires gave it exceptional off-road abilities. Most found on Earth during the Invid arrived with the 10th Mars Division and it was often found in the hands of survivors of that first failed assault.

Two DC electric motors powered by one standard Protoculture canister (primary) or a 400 cc multi-fuel rotary engine (secondary) motivate the MR-40. The secondary internal combustion engine is supplied by an 11-liter fuel tank. On diesel fuel, the MR-40 could manage 1.96 liter per 100 km. The MR-40 can carry two water-tight, lockable hard pannier bags. These are the same as those carried by the Cyclone. Each pannier is 45 cm high, 53 cm wide and 45 cm deep.

General Characteristics

  • Type: Utility/Reconnaissance Motorcycle.
  • Crew: One.
  • Height: 1 m
  • Length: 1.9 m
  • Width: 0.4 m
  • Weight: 97 kg (empty)
  • Engine: Two DC electric motors powered by one standard Protoculture canister (primary) or a 400 cc multi-fuel rotary engine (secondary)
  • Weapon Systems: One hardpoint is available for an optional light vehicle-mounted weapon system.


  • Max speed: 264 km/h
  • Off-road speed: 104 km/h
  • Range: 3200 km on one standard canister

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Original artwork by: Allen Manning

Images from – Robotech New Generation Sourcebook (November 2011)

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