Engesa M-680 (EE-72) Multi-Purpose Medium Wheeled Utility Vehicle

Engesa M-680 (EE-72) Multi-Purpose Medium Wheeled Utility Vehicle

by Tim Wing


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The Engesa M-680 was a military utility vehicle in the 1.5 ton cargo capacity range. Used primarily by the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF), the M-680 also was purchased in large numbers by the Federal Police of Brazil. The M-680 was primarily used by UEDF forces in the South American, as would be expected considering its country of origin. It was also used heavily by UEDF units in Africa and Australia.

The M-680 was an open top vehicle with light armor protection. Two different drive options were built. The M-680A1 used a traditional diesel sending power through a manual transmission to a four-wheel drive system with three locking differentials. The M-680A2 was powered by a hybrid electric drive system. On this variant, a 210 kw Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel powers a generator, which sends electric power to an electric motor at each hub.


  • Type: Family of 4×4 tactical trucks with 1.5-ton payload
  • Place of origin: Brazil
  • Service history: 2019–2031
  • Used by: United Earth Defense Force, Federal Police of Brazil
  • Produced: 2019-2031
  • No. built: 41,000 trucks
  • Weight 9,520 kg. (curb w/fuel); 1,380 kg (payload)
  • Crew: 2


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Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

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