Airdrome Airplanes Fokker D.VII Replica

Airdrome Airplanes Fokker D.VII Replica

by Tim Wing

Airdrome Airplanes’ replica of the Fokker D.VII was a popular kit plane in the pre-war period. The kit was available in 75% scale, 80% scale and full size. The Fokker was of aluminum tube & rivet construction, with modern aeronautical fabric used rather than the traditional linen and dope. The entire airframe was engineered using CAD design. The kit was relatively easy for a hobbyist to construct, with a claimed build time of 400 hours for the 75/80 variants and 550 hours for the full-size variant.

Several engine options were available. The small variants typically used an air-cooled Hirth F30 four cylinder, while the full size could accommodate anything from a Superior 360 to air cooled flat four, to PBS Velká Bíteš TP100 turboprop engine! Airdrome’s Fokker was known for its light and easy controls, and was considered by almost anyone who got behind the stick of one to be a joy to fly! These planes were common at airshows all the way up to the beginning of the First Robotech War. After the war, the blueprints were still available and several small manufacturers offered knock-offs of the kit (of varying levels of quality).

  • Equipment Type: combat airplane replica
  • Government: privately owned
  • Accommodation: pilot only
  • Original mechanical designer: Reinhold Platz
  • Wingspan 8.93 meters (full size)
  • Height 2.80 meters (full size)
  • Length 6.93 meters (full size)
  • Mass empty: 213 kg (80% size); 698 kg (full size)
  • Standard T-O: 350 kg (80% size); 850 kg (full size)
  • Power Plant: 1 × Hirth F30 110 HP (80% size); 1 x Superior 360 180 HP or 1 x PBS Velká Bíteš TP100 turboprop 241 HP (full size)
  • Stall speed: 55 kph (80% size)
  • Cruising speed: 150 kph (80% size)
  • Top speed: 168 kph (80% size); 186 kph (full size)
  • Rate of climb: 4.5 meters per second (80% size)


Want to build your own Fokker D-VII? Check out Airdrome Aeroplanes.

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