РКК Энергия Гага́рин Корабль для перевозки тяжелого челнока

RSC Energia Yuri Gagarin-class ship to ship heavy shuttle

by Tim Wing

The Gagarin-class heavy shuttle was a joint venture between the Soviet Union’s RSC Energia and Lockheed in the United States. It was a heavy ship to ship shuttle, with no atmospheric capabilities. The Gagarin-class was a common sight around the L-5 manufacturing facility on the Moon prior to the outbreak of the First Robotech War. After the war, the Gagarin-class fell out of use with the UN Spacy, but continued to be manufactured by RSC Energia for the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces. The Gagarin-class was still in service as of the end of the Second Robotech War.

Several variants were produced from 2005 through 2023. Of these, there was a general-purpose cargo shuttle and passenger shuttle. Later, post war variants included electronic warfare variants, reaction mass tankers, a single VIP shuttle and several long-range patrol gunboats. The patrol gunboats were the only variants to be armed.



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Original artwork by: Shoji Kawamori, Miyatake Kazutaka, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Hidetaka Tenjin

Content by Tim Wing

Copyright © 2017 Tim Wing



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