SCAR CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P Tactical Flying Armor – Plate

SCAR CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P Tactical Flying Armor – Plate

by Tim wing


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Designation: SCAR CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P Tactical Flying Armor – Plate

  • Type: Hard Armor
  • Year Introduced: 2023
  • Weight: 11.4 kg TFA-P Type 2); 11.2 kg (TFA-P Type 9); 7.8 kg (LJA Light Jump-Armor)

The SCAR CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P (Tactical Flying Armor – Plate) was designed specifically for pilots and aircrew. While not all aircrew in the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) wore TFA-P armor, the vast majority who flew combat aircraft did. Because of the size and bulkiness of the armor, the cockpits of most aircraft had to be redesigned to accommodate the pilot in this guise. Pilots who found themselves assigned to units operating older air frames, however, would have to make due with traditional flight suits.

The CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P had many of the same features as other Southern Cross armors, but wear designed specifically for pilots. The TFA-P armors had integrated G-Suits, with expanding air bladders built into the legs and torso of the armor. An integrated oxygen supply was also built into the armor. It must be stressed though that these armors were not full environmental suits. They had no pressure sealing or radiation protection. What’s more, since they were not simple plate armor systems, they could not be worn over a space suit, as was the case with the CBR Mk. 1 and 2 Tactical Body Armors.
The CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P armors are composed of a plastic-ceramic composite for maximal resistance to penetration and thermic explosive damage for minimal weight. The armor stops most small arms fire and grenade and shell fragments, and provides poor to fair resistance against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machine-gun round. The TFA-P armor consists of separate leg, arm, torso, and helmet units, and covers the entire body.

Like all armor of the Southern Cross, the TFA-P armors fell out of use soon after the Invid occupation of Earth and the destruction of the UEDF.

The CBR Mark 1F TFA-P armors have the following features:

Thermal regulation system: Full temperature control, by the use of Peltier-electric cooling units in armor, conducting heat between the thermally conducting inner and outer layers of the armor. A simple reversal of the voltage can alternate the armor from heating to cooling the pilot. Between the thermally conducting layers on all these pieces, and on the inner surfaces of all other pieces of armor, is a thin insulating layer, designed to minimize non-directed heat transfer. The Peltier-electric units are powered by small batteries in the armor units that contain them, and are designed to assist pilot comfort in hot and cold climes. The units are insufficient for protection above 75 and below -55 degrees Celsius. Heat resistant up to 500K for brief periods.

Integrated Oxygen Control System: The suit is designed to be plugged into the aircraft’s oxygen supply system. The suit also carries its own independent oxygen supply, with 10 minutes maximum.

Tactical Helmet: The helmet has a removable face-shield with variable-tint photochromic polarized polycarbon eyeslits. Contrary to popular belief, the eyeslits do not have integrated night vision or IR spectrum imaging. The NVG-645 can be attached directly to the faceplate, providing both of these features.

Tactical Radio: Narrow band, short range tactical radio for communication at the platoon level. The microphone and speakers are built into the helmet. This communication system will also wirelessly synch with longer range tactical radios, both dismounted and vehicle mounted.

Integrated G-suit: Integrated g-suits composed of air bladders in the legs and torso that automatically inflated in order to assist the pilot in dealing with high g maneuvers encountered in air to air combat.

CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P types:

CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P Type 2: Worn by aircrews assigned to the UEDF Civil Defense Flying Corps. The typical paint scheme for this armor was gray and white, with red and black trim.

CBR Mk. 1F TFA-P Type 9: Worn by aircrews assigned to the UEDF Tactical Air Corps. The typical paint scheme for this armor was intermediate brown earth and light desert tan. Note that the desert tan portions of the armor were so light that they were often mistaken for having been painted white.

CBR Mk. 1F LJA Light Jump-Armor: Worn by Special Purpose soldiers assigned to the UEDF Reconnaissance Escort Patrol Division (REP). This armor was specifically designed for both High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) and High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) jumps. It is also worn by aircrews in the REP. Typical paint schemes were theatre of operations specific, though the official paint scheme mirrored the REP’s official colors of light lavender with white trim and red shoulders.




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Original artwork by: Kogawa Tomonori, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Miyo Sonoda, Hiroshi Ogawa, Hirotoshi Ohkura and Takashi Ono

Content by Tim Wing

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