Roiquonmi ZBP-02 Glaug Tactical Battle Pod (Refit)

Roiquonmi ZBP-02 Glaug Tactical Battle Pod (Refit)

by Tim Wing


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Service History

After the First Robotech War, the UN Spacy absorbed huge amounts of Zentraedi equipment into their forces. Much of this equipment was replaced with Terran designed equipment in short order, while some designs, such as the Reguld Battle Pod and the Reentry Pod, were extensively modified and remained in service for another decade in one form or another. The longest serving of all the former Zentraedi mecha, however, is the Roiquonmi Glaug Tactical Battle Pod. It, officially at least, is still counted as “in service” by the Terran Union Armed Forces.

Before the First Robotech War even began, the Glaug was already a rare mecha. The Roiquonmi factory satellite was destroyed in the mid nineteenth century after a fairly short production run. By the time the war started, having a Glaug was a big deal for a Zentraedi Officer. So much so that some officers took to hording them for themselves, at the expense of their comrades. After the war, the Glaug got even rarer. When the UN Spacy completed salvage operations in the wake of the battle with Dolza’s armada, only 164 serviceable examples had been recovered. This was from a fleet of around five million space ships.

The original intent was for the Glaug to serve alongside the refit Regulds of the Reconnaissance Expeditionary Forces, until such time that these units could be equipped with Terran designed mecha. This didn’t exactly happen. While the Reguld quickly passed into reserve status, the Glaug proved almost impossible to retire. Not because it was an excellent weapon system (though it was), but because the Zentraedi Officers and Noncommissioned Officers who crewed them lobbied so hard to keep them in service! The moral and loyalty of the Zentraedi within the ranks always being a concern, United Earth Expeditionary Force chose to allow this vanity mecha to stay in service, at great expense. The expense and impracticality of keeping such a low-density weapons system in service cannot be overstated.

As of the writing of this article, the ZBP-02 Glaug is still in service in limited numbers. Exactly how many is hard to calculate. The Terran Navy still maintains and operates 27, all assigned to high ranking Zentraedi officers. Due to the rank of the officers who “own” them, these mecha rarely see actual use. This is just as well, as parts are obviously hard to come by. Around fifty ZBP-02 Glaugs were transferred to the Tirolian military, along with the Zentraedi officers who piloted them, in the middle thirties. It is unknown how many of those remain in service. Lastly, a few are known to be in service with the Federal Combined Planetary Forces on Earth and in the militaries of the Terran Union colonies, though exact numbers are unknown. In all cases, they are assigned to Zentraedi officers of high enough rank and influence to keep their beloved Glaugs in active service.

Upgrades and modifications

The ZBP-02 Mk. I Glaug was essentially unmodified, save for the installation of UN Spacy radios and IFF devices. Other than that, it was a standard Glaug for full size Zentraedi. As the Zentraedi population of the UN Spacy was micronized, all Glaugs were converted to ZBP-02 Mk. II standard. The Mk. II kept all the Glaug’s original weapons system and sensors, and replaced the cockpit with one suited to a micronized pilot. To do this, the interior was gutted and replaced with a heavily armored crew compartment. This armored plug was located in the back third of the original cockpit area. It featured a full virtual environment far superior to the two tiny displays present in the original configuration. Access was through a top mounted hatch. The hatch was configured like the commander cupola on a Terran style tank, with a ring of vision blocks to act as backups in the case of display systems failure. The pilot’s seat and controls could be elevated through three positions. Position one was all the way down, for use when piloting the mecha in the virtual environment. Position two was slightly elevated, for piloting the mecha using the vision blocks. Position three was all the way up, so the pilot could operate the mecha with his upper torso exposed. Positions two and three did not allow for actual aiming of the Glaug’s weapons systems, though they could still be fired. The cupola also had a pintle mount, on which an external crew serve weapons could be attached.

The only significant weapons upgrade for the Glaug came with the ZBP-02 Mk. II Mod. 1. In this variation, the Moldile Lunaditsz 95 (also known under the Terran designation of IC-L) 44mm impact cannons in the upper mounts of the arms were replaced with Makral Martszur-4 (also known under the Terran designation of PB-10) four-barreled rotary particle beam cannons, as seen on the Reguld. Additional upgrades were proposed for the ZBP-02 Mk. II Mod. 2, which would have included newer weapons and sensors, but this never came to pass. What happened instead was a slow drift from Mk. II Mod. 1 standard over the course of the next fifty years. Nowadays it can be said that no two Glaugs are alike, as many have been modified, fit with different sensor suites and weapons systems, and repaired to keep running with differing solutions and degrees of success! Because of this, most Glaugs still in service have taken up the status of hanger queens.



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Original artwork by: Shoji Kawamori, Miyatake Kazutaka, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Hidetaka Tenjin

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