McDonnell Douglas VHT-2 Hoplite Veritech Hover Tank

by Tim Wing


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The VHT-2 Hoplite was McDonnell Douglas’s follow on to the VHT-1 Spartas Veritech Hover Tank. It was designed in the later part of the Second Robotech War, and was rushed into production just in time to see action against the Bioroids it was specifically designed to fight. The Hoplite continued in production all the way up to the Invid Invasion.

The Hoplite was based on the same chassis as the VHT-1 Spartas, only with different arms and a different weapons fit. In place of the VHT-1’s 125mm particle cannon and triple barreled ion cannon combination, the Hoplite mounted two Oerlikon PP65 68mm medium ion cannons, one in each arm. This change was made due to the fact that the 125mm main gun of the Spartas was found to be overkill for defeating the armor of the Robotech Masters Bioroids. The smaller PP65s had enough penetration capability to consistently disable or destroy a Bioroid, yet they had a much higher rate of fire. More importantly, these ion cannons could be used in Battloid mode, making the carry of the EU-11 gun pod redundant.

Note that the Hoplite is often time confused with the VHR-2 Myrmidon Veritech Hover Recon Vehicle.


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Original artwork by: Kogawa Tomonori, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Miyo Sonoda, Hiroshi Ogawa, Hirotoshi Ohkura and Takashi Ono

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