Gram’nik CM1 Typhoon Combat Motorcycle

by Tim Wing


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The CM1 Typhoon was a three-wheeled tactical vehicle built by Gram’nik Garma Eldarim (Gram’nik Powered Vehicles) on occupied Tirol for the United Earth Expeditionary Forces (UEEF). The Typhoon was based on a pre-existing Tirolian all-terrain vehicle. Minor changes were made to the design, which included the addition of Terran standard motorcycle controls, UEEF standard tactical radio systems and durability improvements for military service. The Typhoon was fully electric, with a quick charging automotive battery of Tirolian design. The Typhoon replaced the HR-32 Flash-Clapper light cavalry hover cycle in UEEF service beginning in the mid-twenties. Later, the CM1 was replaced by the VR-series Cyclone Veritech combat cycles.



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