Maxwell Dynamics VF/A-6 Veritech Fighter Variants gallery


Maxwell Dynamics Block 10-14 VAF-6B Thunderbolt III space-optimized Veritech Fighter.

Maxwell Dynamics/Shimada Block 30-45 VE-6J Lightning Bolt electronic warfare Veritech.

Maxwell Dynamics Block 20-29 VF/A-6E with AFC/1 Ground-combat protector weapon system.

Maxwell Dynamics/Shimada Block 30-45 VF/A-6H with  AFC/3-B Legioss with additional armor.

Maxwell Dynamics/Shimada Block 30-45 VF/A-6J with GSA-2 Armored Interceptor armor system.

Shimada Enterprises Block 51-52 VF/A-6Y Shadow Veritech Stealth Fighter.

Shimada Enterprises Block 45+ VF/A-6ZS Shadow Veritech Stealth Fighter.


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