Invid Solugi Light Armor

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ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

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Designation: Invid Solugi Light Armor

  • Type: Mixed Hard / Soft Armor
  • Year Introduced: 2042
  • Weight: Unknown

As the Regess began to promote her highest princes and princesses into the humanoid form, the need was seen for an armor suit for these individuals, whether while operating on their own, or as a flak jacket for piloting mecha. These royal Invid were not considered expendable, like the previous incarnation of the race was. However, Invid reliance on mecha, and their military superiority on Earth, argued against the need for a heavy armor like the CVR-3. To maintain flexibility and comfort, the Invid Solugi were issued a light kevlar-like suit, to which harder carapaces were attached at the joints and chest. In addition, the collar was also hard, despite its starched cloth-like contour, and was designed to protect the neck of the Solugi from gunfire at oblique angles and from behind. A matching helmet was designed, but was never issued.

Salugi Armor MaleThe Solugi Armor only saw service for a year and a half in the Regess’ armies, but has been adopted by the apostate Solugi who remained on Earth after the Battle of Reflex Point and formed the Invid Hegemony in Australia.

The Invid Solugi Light Armor is composed of a composite of kevlar-like fiber and hard ceramic composite carapaces. It typically provides fair protection against small arms fire, and good protection against small grenade and shell fragments, and the hard parts provide excellent protection against small grenade and shell fragments, good protection against small arms fire, and poor resistance to heavier infantry weapons, such as the 12.7mm machinegun round, as well as from fragments and near misses from higher caliber weapons.



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Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

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Images from – Art Book Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Complete Art Works (August 2009)

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