Honeywell Mk.48 MADCAP Heavyweight Multi-Purpose Torpedo


ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing

Designation: Honeywell Mk.48 MADCAP (mod 8) submarine launched heavyweight multi-purpose torpedo, (mod 9) air launched heavyweight multi-purpose torpedo.

  • Type: (mod 8) Submarine launched heavyweight multi-purpose torpedo, (mod 9) Air launched heavyweight multi-purpose torpedo.
  • Service history: 2006-2017, UN Spacy; 2018-2031, UEDF Navy.
  • Length: (mod 8) 548.2 cm, (mod 9) 578.6 cm (pre-drop), 548.2 cm (post-drop).
  • Diameter: 53.3 cm.
  • Wingspan: none.
  • Weight: (mod 8) 1756 kg, (mod 9) 1825 kg (including parachute).
  • Warhead: High explosive with contact and influence fuse.
  • Weight/yield: 800 kg.
  • Propulsion: Electrical with protoculture energizer, one protoculture cell for electrical power.
  • Guidance: Active/passive sonar, wakehoming and wire guidance.
  • Max speed: 70 knots.
  • Range: 70 nm @ 70 knots.



The MADCAP torpedo served as the main submarine armament in both the early UN Spacy and Southern Cross Naval Forces. The MADCAP (Most ADvanced CAPability) was a development of the US Mk.48 mod 6 VADCAP torpedo. The propulsion system was replaced by an electric motor and protoculture cells scavenged from the crashed SDF-1. This both increased maximum speed and range and diminished the noise level emitted by the torpedo. In fact, the range (especially at lower speeds) was so enlarged that the torpedo could reach any target detectable by the launch platforms’ sonar systems at maximum speed, and the full range was never used in combat. All other VADCAP systems were kept, save for the computer section, which incorporated some of the advanced technology gleaned from the SDF-1.

The MADCAP was as potent a ship killer as the large USSR designed Type 65 torpedo because of the warhead, which was more than doubled after the MADCAPs fuel section had been deleted. Even so, the MADCAP was still 1 meter shorter than the VADCAP.

The MADCAP was used by the submarine forces of the Unified Forces and later by the United Earth Defense Forces. However, it was never used in the Robotech Wars because of the dearth of submerged targets.

The UEDF Tactical Air Force procured an air launched version of the MADCAP torpedo for use by its Space Kitchen anti-submarine planes, as the standard Terran air dropped ASW torpedo, the Stingray, could not be expected to be effective against such craft as the Prometheus. However, the Space Kitchen was never used in its anti-submarine role due to a lack of targets, and thus the mod 9 MADCAP, which was a standard mod 8 equipped with a parachute and hardpoint connections, was never fired in anger.



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Content by Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Rob Morgenstern, edited by Tim Wing

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