RRG CBM-200 Long Range Cluster Missile

RMS-3 Archangel Of Death Nuclear stand-off missile A

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing

Designation: Robotech Research Group (RRG) CBM-200 long range cluster missile

  • Type: Long range cluster missile.
  • Service history: 2023-2069, UEEF; 2023-2031, UEDF.
  • Length: 610 cm.
  • Diameter: 53.3 cm.
  • Wingspan: none.
  • Weight: 1723 kg.
  • Warhead: Self-propelled, terminally guided APHE bomblets.
  • Weight/yield: 200 x 2 kg.
  • Propulsion: Rocket booster engine with separate sustainer.
  • Guidance: Multi-band passive radar homing and inertial.
  • Max speed: Mach 3.2.
  • Range: 65 km.



The CBM-200 is a cluster missile based on the airframe of the RMS-3. Apart from the airframe, though, there is little commonality between the two missiles. The CBM-200 has a far larger warhead compartment loaded with 200 small armor-piercing bomblets. The engine is far smaller, as it was not envisioned that this missile would be launched from distances much larger than 50 km. Consequently, the speed and range are far less than those of the RMS-3.

RMS-3 Archangel Of Death Nuclear stand-off missile BUsed by the UEEF in the earlier stages of the Sentinels’ War and mop-up operations, the CBM-200 gradually lost its effectiveness as the Invid learned countermeasures against this weapon (mostly by dispersing their mecha on detection of a possible CBM-200 launch). Thus, when the UEEF started sending expeditions to Terra to dislodge the Invid there, the CBM-200 was no longer a front-line weapon. This was unfortunate, as the Regess’ Invid had never learned to deal with this weapon as their brethren in the Local Group had. It was not until the battle of Reflex Point that the UEEF made tentative trials with this weapon again, and the war ended before the missiles could be used extensively. After the war, however, this weapon was once again in frontline service, although the lethality of the bomblets against the new Invid mecha remains unproven.

Shimada Enterprises SFA-5B Conbat 6


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Images from – Art Book Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Complete Art Works (August 2009)

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