Steyr M-46 Badger 10mm Caseless Submachine-Gun

M-36 Badger 9mm Submachine Gun 1

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker, Chris Meadows and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing


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Designation: Steyr M-46 Badger 10mm Caseless Submachine-gun

  • Year Introduced: 2020M-36 Badger 9mm Submachine Gun 5
  • Designer: Steyr Mannlicher
  • Acquiring Military: UEEF, GMP
  • Capacity: 30 round magazine (typical)
  • Rate of Fire: selective fire – 650rpm or semi-automatic
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Length: 51 cm (collapsed stock), 67cm (stock extended)

Although satisfied with the M-30 Hound machine pistol as both a sidearm and “mob gun,” the UEDF felt it best to hedge its bets until it was certain of how well the M-30 tested out in combat. To complement the M-30, the Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force (REF) chose a new submachine gun designed by Steyr Mannlicher.

Based on the proud lineage of machine pistols best exemplified by Israel’s Uzi, the M-46 Badger makes use, like its predecessor the MP-9, of the hot 10mm caseless ammunition, often with either a steel-core boat-tailed FMJ armor-piercing projectile, or a delayed-fuse high-explosive bullet. The Badger was designed with a special reinforced frame and bolt system, so that it could fire the higher-power anti-armor loadouts the REF required without damage to itself, as well as more conventional anti-personnel rounds.

The Badger was one of the main submachine guns of the REF through the 2020s, often seen side by side with the M-30 in squad issue, but was gradually phased out as the Hound proved itself in combat and the Gallant H-90 was introduced. However, it has remained an important part of the later UEEF’s arsenal for situations where energy weapons are not safe or feasible to use; its 9mm anti-armor/explosive rounds can pack comparable stopping power to the Wolverine carbine’s, though at a much shorter effective range.

The Badger was also adopted by the Global Military Police, though saw only limited use on Earth before it was phased out in favor of energy weapons.

Although a number of Badgers found their way to anti-Invid Resistance fighters, they were rarely used in direct action against the Invid due to the scarcity of the special anti-armor loads necessary to damage Invid armor and its inability to pose a threat to larger Invid mecha. Many of these weapons still remain in civilian hands.

M-36 Badger 9mm Submachine Gun 3


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Images from – Robotech II: The RPG, The Sentinels (September 1988), Robotech II: The RPG, Robotech Expeditionary Force Field Guide (March 1989)

Content by Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Chris Meadows and Rob Morgenstern, edited by Tim Wing

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