Monument City RRG PR-35 Compact Particle Machine Pistol

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing


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Designation: Robotech Research Group Monument City PR-35 Compact Particle Machine Pistol

  • Year Introduced: 2029
  • Designer: RRG – Monument City
  • Acquiring Military: GMP
  • Capacity: 50 14kJ shots
  • Rate of Fire: selective fire – 190rpm or semi-automatic
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Length: 37cm

The PR-35 was an light weight electron particle projector pistol designed just prior to the Second Robotech War. Using a smaller magazine with the same energy storage density as the LAR-10’s Selectable Energy Weapon (SEW) magazine, and built with a smaller yield, the PR-35 was well-suited as a modest-sized energy gun, and was quickly adopted as a supplement to the LP-09 by the GMP. Unfortunately, the chaos caused by the end of the Second Robotech War and the arrival of the Invid prevented this fine gun from ever being produced in large numbers.



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