Monument City RRG LAR-10 Laser Assault Rifle

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ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing

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Designation: Robotech Research Group Monument City LAR-10 Laser Assault Rifle

  • Year Introduced: 2026
  • Designer: RRG – Monument City (LAR-10, LAR-10C), RRG – Tokyo (LAR-10L)
  • Acquiring Military: UEDF
  • Capacity: 40 70kJ or 80 35kJ shots per SEW energy magazine (LAR-10), 33 70kJ or 66 35kJ shots LAR-10C), 16 70kJ shots (LAR-10L)
  • Rate of Fire: selective fire – 250 rpm or semi-automatic (LAR-10, LAR-10C), semi-automatic (LAR-10L)
  • Weight: 4 kg (LAR-10), 2.3 kg (LAR-10C), 3.2 kg (LAR-10L)
  • Length: 86cm (LAR-10), 78cm (LAR-10C), 97cm (LAR-10L)

A radical departure from the LLR-8 Light Laser Rifle’s design, the LAR-10 was built to be a true laser assault rifle. Compact, and equipped with a standard variable (1x to 3x power) scope, the LAR-30 was reasonably accurate at most combat ranges, and with its 7.6mm aperture, delivered devastating damage, though with reasonable penetration. The ability to selectively alter the weapon’s yield was added to permit the shooter to budget his energy magazine, while balancing the need for additional weapon yield on demand. The LAR-10 was immediately accepted as the standard assault rifle of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF), and was adopted by virtually every branch in some capacity.

LAR-10C 1A carbine version, the LAR-10C, was also procured by the UEDF in great quantities. Though it had a shorter effective range (425 meters versus the LAR-10’s 610 meters) and a slightly decreased magazine capacity (33 shots versus 40 shots), the LAR-10C was just as well received as its full sized brother. Its minor shortcomings were more than made up for by its handiness in a close quarters battle (QCB) environment.

Based upon an improved version of the LAR-10’s emitter system the Tokyo Robotech Research Group’s the LAR-10L laser rifle was quickly accepted as the Southern Cross’ main precision- and sniper-rifle. Though it was never as widely issued as the rest of the LAR-10 series, the LAR-10L was popular with many officers in numerous branches of the Southern Cross, in addition to its role as a sniper rifle. Equipped with an electronic variable-power scope with shuttered night-vision capabilities, eliminating the need for additional rifle scope mounts, the accuracy of the LAR-10L was unmatched by any rifle to date.

LAR-10L 2


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Images from – This is Animation #10 The Southern Cross, Unspecified Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross OSM, Robotech Masters Saga Sourcebook (March 2009), The Robotech RPG Book Four: Southern Cross (September 1987)

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