Monument Arms M-35 “Ferret” 11.43mm Caseless Pistol

M-35 Ferret .45ACP Gas-Operated Pistol 3

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen, with Peter Walker and Robert Morgenstern

edited by Tim Wing


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Designation: Monument Arms M-35 “Ferret” 11.43mm (.45 caliber) Caseless Gas-Operated Pistol

  • Year Introduced: 2021M-35 Ferret .45ACP Gas-Operated Pistol 5
  • Designer: Monument Arms
  • Acquiring Military: UEDF
  • Capacity: 10 round magazine
  • Rate of Fire: semi-automatic
  • Weight: 1.17 kg
  • Length: 26cm

Soon after the Sig Sauer P420 was accepted by the Southern Cross and REF as the M-37 “Weasel” as their single service pistol to replace all the old service pistols then in service as carry overs from before the consolidation of the UEG’s various national armies under the unified command of the UEDF, Monument Arms – a new company founded in the wake of the Zentraedi Holocaust – offered a high-caliber alternative. The M-35 “Ferret” owed much to the then-defunct Magnum Research’s “Desert Eagle” gas-operated pistol. Built with rugged design and a hammerless action (based on Smith and Wesson’s earlier Sigma), and a dial-style safety (taken from the “Weasel”), the M-35 was chambered for one of the largest rounds available – the new 11.43mm caseless. The 11.43mm caseless used the same bullet as the venerable .45 ACP round, but was also available in Light Explosive Armor Piercing (LEAP). This, combined with a significantly higher muzzle velocity in comparison to traditional .45 ACP, made for a round which could occasionally penetrate the heavier modern armors, and even when it could not, would deliver enormous knock-down and blunt trauma. The M-35 was never widely adopted, but it was popular with some officers, despite its limited capacity and high recoil.

M-35 Ferret .45ACP Gas-Operated Pistol 1


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Images from – This is Animation #10 The Southern Cross, Unspecified Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross OSM, Robotech Masters Saga Sourcebook (March 2009)

Content by Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Rob Morgenstern, edited by Tim Wing

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