Kennedy-class Patrol Missile Boat (PC)


ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen and Peter Walker

edited by Tim Wing

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Designation: Kennedy-class Patrol Missile Boat (PC)

Names and disposition:

The Kennedy-class vessels were named after the US President and World War II PT Boat commander John F. Kennedy. Though the class had a name-sake, the individual boats of the class were only designated by numbers (PC-001 through PC-105). The UEDF Naval Division procured a total of 105 Kennedy-class boats. The boats were produced at Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport, Louisiana and Blohm und Voss GmbH, Hamburg, West Germany from 2014 to 2023. The Kennedy-class served with the UEDF Naval Corps and Naval Corps Coast Guard 2014 to the Invid Invasion.

Of the these boats, 9 were destroyed by the Tirolian forces in the Second Robotech War, 81 were destroyed by the Invid in their initial invasion or during the occupation, and 10 boats were destroyed during the Invid Occupation. The remaining boats were not re-commissioned after the Third Robotech War and have since been scrapped or scuttled.

1254641Ship’s Complement:

  • Two man minimum crew consisting of helmsman and commander/weapons operator.

Propulsion Systems:

  • Main Engine: 1 x 12-cylinder diesel engine capable of using traditional diesel, JP8, bio-diesel or most other common fuel types.


  • Speed: 45 knots (83 kph)
  • Range: 960 km at top speed


  • Length: 18 meters (over-all)
  • Beam: 4.2 meters
  • Displacement: 24 metric tons (full load)

Weapon Systems:

  • 1 x ILMS-8 8-tube missile launcher mounted on a steerable turret. Short-range missile system capable of anti-ship or anti-aircraft/mecha operations.
  • 4 x Depth charge dispensers. Payload of one depth charge per dispenser, with four additional depth charges carried below decks.


pt-boat-bw - CopyHistory:

The Kennedy-class Patrol Missile Boat is a small, high-speed attack vessel designed shortly after the First Robotech War to be a coastal interceptor. The Kennedy-class is designed to approach enemy vessels at great speed and engage them with short range missiles. The Kennedy-class also has depth charges and sonar for anti-submarine warfare. These vessels can be remote controlled for hazardous attack runs against enemy vessels. This boat was primarily a short term stop-gap at a time when the United Earth Government did not have the resources to rebuild the planets devastated naval forces. As the conventional surface Naval Division was rebuilt in the twenties, the Kennedy-class boats were transferred to the Coast Guard or refit as remote control target drone boats.



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Images from – Art Book Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Complete Art Works (August 2009), Robotech New Generation Sourcebook (November 2011)

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