Barracuda-class Coastal Patrol Gunship/Cutter (WPD)

Barracuda-class Cutter 1

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Pieter Thomassen and Peter Walker

edited by Tim Wing


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Designation: Barracuda-class Coastal Patrol Gunship/Cutter (WPD)

Names and disposition:

  • Barracuda-class Cutter names and disposition
  • Builders: Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport, Louisiana
  • Operators: UEDF Naval Division Coast Guard
  • Completed: 79

Ship’s Complement:

  • 10 when fully crewed, but can function with a crew as small as three.

Propulsion Systems:

  • Main Engines: 2 x 12-cylinder multi-fuel diesel engines capable of using diesel, JP8, bio-diesel or most other common fuel types.


  • Speed: 30 knots (55.5 km).
  • Range: 1,760 km at top speed.


  • Height: 1.2 meter draft and 10 meters from the waterline to top of radio antenna
  • Length: 40 meters
  • Beam: 6.2 meters
  • Displacement: 64 metric tons (full load)

Barracuda-class Cutter 4Weapon Systems:

  • 1 x High-output Laser Deck Gun. Turret mounted navalized laser cannon used to engage surface vessels, aircraft or mecha. The turret has a maximum elevation of 60 degrees and can rotate 90 degrees to port or starboard for broadsides.
  • 2 x AS/AAML-4 medium-range anti-ship missile launchers. Mounted aft of the wheelhouse, and can be used against other surface craft or shore installations. Can also accommodate anti-aircraft missiles. Payload is four missiles per launcher, for eight total.
  • 4 x Depth charge dispensers. Payload of one depth charge per dispenser, with four additional depth charges carried below decks.
  • 1 x Multiple Launch Ordnance Pod (MLOP). A box launcher that has a payload of twelve 60 mm HEAP (High Explosive Annor Piercing) mini-missiles.


The Barracuda-class Cutter is a class of cutters of the United Earth Defense Force Naval Division Coast Guard. 79 cutters of the class were built, of which 2 remain in today as floating museums. Their hull numbers are WPB-A01 through WPB-K79. The majority of these ships were destroyed during the Invid Invasion. Some survived the war, and were re-commissioned briefly in the post-war period.

Barracuda-class Cutter 2


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Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

Acknowledgement is extended to Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern are given credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide that has been utilized in this publication.

Images from – Art Book Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Complete Art Works (August 2009), Robotech New Generation Sourcebook (November 2011)

Content by Pieter Thomassen and Peter Walker, edited by Tim Wing

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