Vickers-Chrysler M-23 Highlander Light Tank reference file




Vickers-Chrysler Robotech Systems Inc. M-23 Highlander Rapid Deployment Force/Light Tank

This entry is based on the tank seen briefly at the beginning of the first episode of Robotech the New Generation / Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (see picture below). As there is no Original Source Material dealing with this tank, everything written here is pure speculation.

I’ve decided to give the old specifications a bit of an overhaul, since the last time it was given any attention in the old unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. I based much of this on the US Army’s old¬†Rapid Deployment Force/Light Tank experimental tank from the early eighties and the later M8 Armored Gun System from the nineties. (Interesting side notes: The RDF/LT was the basis of the old GI Joe toy, the Mauler. Also, BAE is hawking the old M8 again as the¬†Expeditionary Light Tank ELT airdropped air deployable vehicle. Check out the video here.)



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