Vickers-Chrysler M-23 Highlander Light Tank reference file




Vickers-Chrysler Robotech Systems Inc. M-23 Highlander Rapid Deployment Force/Light Tank

This entry is based on the tank seen briefly at the beginning of the first episode of Robotech the New Generation / Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (see picture below). As there is no Original Source Material dealing with this tank, everything written here is pure speculation.

I’ve decided to give the old specifications a bit of an overhaul, since the last time it was given any attention in the old unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. I based much of this on the US Army’s old Rapid Deployment Force/Light Tank experimental tank from the early eighties and the later M8 Armored Gun System from the nineties. (Interesting side notes: The RDF/LT was the basis of the old GI Joe toy, the Mauler. Also, BAE is hawking the old M8 again as the Expeditionary Light Tank ELT airdropped air deployable vehicle. Check out the video here.)



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