Liège Industries Lourd FA-115 Pluto Aerospace Fighter gallery

Liège Industries Lourd FA-115A Pluto Aerospace Fighter.

FA-115 Pluto 4


FA-115 Pluto 1


FA-115 Pluto 2 FA-115 Pluto 3

FA-115 Pluto 7



Forestall-class ARMD launch bay configuration for the FA-115 Pluto.

FA-115 Pluto 8

ARMD-14 UES Robert A. Rhysling’s launch bays. Each bay was originally configured to accommodate one VF-1 Super Valkyrie. As this type was replaced, each bay was refit for three FA-115 Plutos.

FA-115 Pluto 9 FA-115 Pluto 10 FA-115 Pluto 11



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