Northrop VF-1R Valkyrie Veritech Fighter gallery

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Northrop VF-1R Block 11 Valkyrie in Fighter mode.

VF-1R Valkyrie 6

VF-1R Block 5 Valkyrie in Battloid mode

VF-1R Valkyrie 1

VF-1R Valkyrie 2 VF-1R Valkyrie 4

Detail photo of the VF-1R’s head. Shown are the three Mauser RöV-20 laser cannons. 

VF-1R Block 11 Valkyrie in Battloid mode

VF-1R Valkyrie 3A

The VF-1R Blocks 9 through 15, like all late model Valkyries, had the improved hand units.


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Images From – Robotech the Role Playing Game: the Macross Saga Sourcebook,

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