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FAST Pack VF-1 Super Valkyrie color plates


FAST Pack Version 2.0 VF-1A (Block 8) SVF-40 “Ghost Riders” aircraft 205, ARMD-12 UES Independence (2014)

By 2014, the standard paint scheme for space deployed UN Spacy squadrons had become overall gull gray for the base aircraft with flat black for the FAST Pack components. This was a change from the prior tan and white base aircraft scheme with gray FAST Pack components that the UN Spacy was running from the end of the First Robotech War. 

2015 SVF-1

FAST Pack Version 2.0 VF-1N (Block 10) SVF-1 “Skull Squadron” aircraft 106, SCG-02 UES London (2015)

Typically, the squadron crest or patch would be painted on the left and right sides of the FAST Pack . During the First Robotech War, this was no the case, as the UN Spacy roundel was always displayed in this location. 

2016 SVF-22

FAST Pack Version 2.0 VF-1A (Block 12) SVF-22 “Wolf Pack” aircraft 200, SDD-16 Gremlin-class Destroyer (2016)

In late 2016, the UN Spacy began painting the FAST Pack components the same overall gray as the rest of the VF-1 to which the system was attached. Not all squadrons chose to display their squadron markings on the sides of the booster units. 

2017 SVF-50

FAST Pack Version 2.0 VF-1A (Block 15) SVF-50 “Broad Swords” aircraft 100, SCV-04 UES Marcus Antonius (2017)

Though there were plenty of examples of bright high visibilty paint schemes on the Carrier Air-Group commanders’ aircraft in the UN Spacy, it was more common for the for CAG aircraft to have relatively low key  squadron markings. 


FAST Pack Version 4.0 VF-1X SVF-26 “Cavaliers” aircraft 209, SCB-17 UES Tyrant (2022)

In 2022, the both the United Earth Defense Force’s Tactical Armored Space Corps (UEDF TASC) and the Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force’s Tactical Naval Corps (REF TNC) switched back to the earlier gray and black paint scheme for their space fighters. Though the TNC switched to a blue and white paint scheme for their space fighters, the UEDF TASC continued with gray and black until the mid 2020s, when they switched to gray and dark blue. 

2024 SVF-64

FAST Pack Version 4.0 VF-1P SVF-64 aircraft 110, ARMD-213 UES Altamira (2023)

Though several of the Valkyries in SVF-64 sported a fetching blue and white vortex paint scheme, the majority were finished in the standard gray and black.

2026 SVT-21 210

FAST Pack Version T VT-1 Ostrich Aircraft 210 SVT-21, CVT-8 UES Midway (2026)

Trainers in the Tactical Armored Space Corps were pained light gray with high visibility orange trim.  This aircraft was assigned to the UES Midway, which was formerly designated ARMD-08 before it was re-designated a Training Aircraft Carrier (CVT).  



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Images From – Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie, Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie: Wings of Space and Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie: SDF-1 Macross VF-1 Squadrons

Translations taken from Sketchley’s Translations

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