Northrop Grumman VF-13 Gamma Veritech Fighter

Gamma 4Northrop Grumman VF-13 Gamma Veritech Fighter

by Tim Wing

The VF-13 Gamma was designed by Northrop Grumman, and was the first clean sheet Veritech fighter since the VFH-10 Auroran Veritech. Designed in the years immediately following the conclusion of the 3rd Robotech War, the Gamma was meant to replace the many legacy Alpha fighters still in service with the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF). The Gamma first saw combat in the later part of the Haydonite Conflict, where it acquitted itself well against Haydonite Wraith fighters. The Gamma continued in service after the reorganization of the UEEF into the Terran Navy, and remains in service today with Earth’s Federal Combined Planetary Forces (FCPF) as well as with the militaries of many of Earth’s former colonies.

Gamma 1The VF-13 Gamma is a large Veritech, comparable in size to the old VF-1 Valkyrie of the First Robotech War. Its general transformation sequence is similar in nature to the VF-4 Lightning III, only much simpler (and far more reliable). This craft’s armaments include numerous internal missile bays, as well as the option to carry gun pods. Though the Gamma was designed from the beginning to include the mk3 four-dimensional distortion field generator, the system was not installed during the Haydonite Conflict for obvious reasons. Performance wise, the Gamma is superior to the Alpha and the Beta in almost all measures. Only in the area of subsonic to low supersonic atmospheric maneuverability did the Alpha retain an advantage. This is due mostly to the high wing loading caused by the Gamma’s very small control surfaces. This was not considered a major issue by Northrop Grumman, as the Gamma was first and foremost a space fighter. The Gamma has an excellent thrust to weight ratio and is capable of attaining orbital velocity without the aid of a booster.




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