Камов Ка-27 Противолодочный вертолет

Ka-29 Helix armed troop helicopter

Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) family of helicopters

by Tim wing


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Kamov’s family of coaxial contra-rotating rotor naval helicopters were known by the UEDF reporting names Hormone in the case of the early Ka-25 and Helix in the case of the later Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31 and the civilian Ka-32. They were developed for the Soviet Navy in the late seventies. As the clear majority of Ka-25 Hormones had been retired by the beginning of the Unification War, this article will focus on the later Helix series of helicopters. The Helix saw service with the navies of every member of the Eastern Block of Soviet Independent States (EBSIS), as well as the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and India prior to the Zentraedi Rain of Death. Variants include the Ka-31 airborne early warning and control helicopter, the Ka-29 assault transport, the Ka-28 which was a downgraded export version, and the civil-aviation market Ka-32.

  • Ka-32T Helix

    Role: multi-role helicopter

  • National origin: Soviet Union
  • Manufacturer: Kamov
  • First flight: 24 December 1973
  • Introduction: 1982
  • Primary users: Soviet Navy (1982-2031), Indian Navy (1985-2011)
  • Produced: 1981-2011
  • Number built: 483
  • Developed from: Kamov Ka-25



  • 1 × torpedoes (AT-1M, VTT-1, UMGT-1 Orlan, APR-2 Yastreb) or 36 RGB-NM & RGB-NM-1 sonobuoys


  • 1 × mobile forward firing GShG-7.62 machine gun with 1800 rounds,
  • 1 × 30 mm 2A42 cannon with 250 rounds (flexible semi-rigid mount, optional/removable with ammunition carried in cabin)
  • 4 x external hardpoints for bombs, rockets, gunpods, munitions dispensers, special four round missile launchers for the 9K114 Shturm


  • Ka-27K: Anti-submarine warfare prototype.
  • Ka-27PL (Helix-A): Anti-submarine warfare helicopter.
  • Ka-27PS (Helix-D): Search and rescue helicopter, ASW equipment removed and winch fitted.
  • Ka-27PV: Armed version of the Ka-27PS.
  • Ka-27M: Post war modification of the helicopter, equipped with radar and tactical command systems that include the following systems: acoustic sensors, magnetometric sensors, signals intelligence, and FH-A radar with active phased array antenna. The radar is mounted under the fuselage and provides all-around vision in the search and detection of surface, air, and ground targets.
  • Ka-28 (Helix-A): Export version of the Ka-27PL.
  • Ka-29TB (Helix-B): Assault transport helicopter, with accommodation for two pilots and 16 troops.
  • Ka-32A: Civil transport helicopter.
  • Ka-32 (Helix-A): ASW Helicopter based on the civil market Ka-32.


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