Uniforms of the Tactical Armored Cavalry, 2021-2031

style 3 FUniforms of the Tactical Armored Cavalry, 2021-2031

by Tim Wing

When the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) was first formed in 2018, it originally adopted the uniform of the UN Spacy. Early on, however, it was decided that the different branches of the UEDF should each have a uniform all of their own. Though some branches continued to wear the old UN Spacy uniform well into the middle twenties, most immediately commissioned the design of new uniforms.

Tactical Armored CavalryThe Tactical Armored Cavalry (TAC) rolled out its new uniform in early 2021. The new uniform was available at the Post Exchange at the beginning of the following fiscal year, and became basic issue to troops entering basic training half way through fiscal year 2022. The previous UN Spacy style uniform’s wear-out date was set for the end of fiscal year 2024.

The uniform came in several variations, based on rank. Though there was some room for personal preference in regards to color choice, it was nowhere near the kaleidoscope which was the old UN Spacy uniform, which could be ordered in almost any color combination the wearer desired. A soldier in the TAC was limited to a base color of white, with either red, vermillion, blue or forest green accents.


Lower Enlisted Male Duty Uniform, Style 1


style 1 A

Lower Enlisted Male Duty Uniform, Style 2

style 2 A

Non-commissioned Officer and Officer Male Duty Uniform, Style 1

style 5

Non-commissioned Officer and Officer Male Duty Uniform, Style 2

style 4 B

Non-commissioned Officer and Officer Female Duty Uniform, Style 2

style 3 D



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