Shimada Enterprises VF/B-17 Mustang Veritech Fighter Bomber

DREAD2 Intrasystem Aerospace Gunship 2Shimada Enterprises VF/B-17 Mustang Veritech Fighter Bomber

by Tim Wing

The VF/B-17 Mustang is a two man heavy long range Veritech fighter designed and built by Shimada Enterprises for the Terran Navy. Originally Shimada designated this Veritech the DREAD2 Epsilon. However, the Mustang had very little in common with the original DREAD (DRop-ship Escort Armed Dreadnaught), which was little more than a booster system for the Alpha fighter consisting of a set of three high-efficiency profile reaction thrusters attached to reaction mass tanks. Furthermore, the Greek naming convention had become passé by this time. When this Veritech entered service, the Navy gave it the designation we see today. The Mustang was designed to form the second half of the Legioss II with the VF/A-15 Hornet in much the same way as the original Alphs/Beta pairing.

The Mustang is built around two high-efficiency reaction thrusters. These thrusters give the Mustang an unprecedented delta-v of 30 kps, almost three times that of the VF/B-9 Beta. To put this in perspective, this means the Mustang can travel to Earth from Earth’s Moon in about eight hours with a full combat lode (or just four hours if the fighter used aero-braking upon reaching Earth, which is not really an option if the planet’s airspace is contested territory). The Mustang can carry a variety of ordnance, from dumb bombs to Angel of Death standoff nuclear missiles. Unique to the Mustang is the EAU-10 90mm Gauss Cannon gun pod. This rail gun fires 90mm APFSDS rounds at maximum rate of 400 rounds per minute.

  • Role: Deep strike and interdiction Veritech fighter bomber
  • Manufacturer: Shimada Enterprises
  • First flight: December 2061 (YF/B-17 prototype)
  • Introduction: September 2065
  • Status: In service
  • Produced: from 2064
  • Number built: 912 (350 additional on order)
  • Wing span: 34.4 meters (fighter mode)
  • Weight: 84 metric tons (dry)



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Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

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