McDonald Douglas VC-38 Locust V/STOL Cargo Aircraft

VC-38 Locust 1

McDonald Douglas VC-38 Locust V/STOL Cargo Aircraft

by Tim Wing

The Locust was a medium tactical airlift developed specifically for transporting the UN Spacy’s Destroid series of combat robots. With its 13 meter high by eight meter wide cargo hold, the Locust cold transport any of the original Destroids, with true walk on walk off capabilities. With a max VTOL payload of around 35 tons, the Locust could deliver a single Destroid to any battle field, and where in the world (air to air refueling dependent, of course). With the introduction of the Southern Cross’s lighter battloids, the Locust could transport two mecha in a VTOL operation, or up to three using a conventional runway.

General Characteristics

  • Medium military tactical VSTOL transport aircraft.
  • Crew of 5: 2 Pilots, 2 Observers, Load Master

VC-38 Locust 2Propulsion.

  • 2 P&W F117PW-100 (PW2040) turbofan engines with two-dimensional vectored thrust nozzles providing 181 kN of thrust each.
  • 2 secondary P&W F200 turbojet engines with vectored vanes for vertical take off and landings capable of providing 32.3 kN of thrust each. There is a large intake on the top of the fuselage with four vanes on the bottom-side. These engines provide vertical lift for the front of the aircraft during VTOL and STOL operations.


  • Maximum speed: 735 kph (@ 8000m)
  • Airdrop speed, sea level: 200-375 kph
  • Maximum range: 6500 km, runway takeoff with no payload and no refueling
  • Maximum range: 630 km, VTOL operation
  • Maximum payload: 48 metric tons
  • Maximum payload for VTOL operation: 34.6 metric tons

Sensory Systems:

  • AlliedSignal RDR4 (TTR-SS) X-band (9.375 GHz) multi-mode frequency-agile pulse-Doppler radar, providing forward-looking weather, terrain mapping and beacon homing.
  • Thomson DOS-2000f multi-band digital camera system, for medium range forward-looking traversable UV, infra-red imaging;
  • Elettronica Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • OlDelft Infra-red Warning Receiver (IRWR)
  • Westinghouse ALQ-200(V) active radar jammer
  • Chaff dispenser
  • Flares
  • Multiple HF, VHF, UHF and SatCom antennas.



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