Maxwell Dynamics ISB-02 Golem II Infantry Support Battloid

ISB-23-Mk.I Golem IIMaxwell Dynamics ISB-02 Golem II Infantry Support Battloid

by Tim Wing

The ISB-02 Golem II was an attempt by Maxwell Dynamics to produce an inexpensive version of Quimeliquola’s excellent TFR-20 Golem Tactical Fighter Robot. As a low cost aerospace fighter battloid, the Golem II was an abysmal failure. But, as a light infantry support battloid, the Golem II was a rousing success!

The Golem II was, like almost every other Maxwell Dynamics product, made up of VF/A-6 Alpha parts and various other off the shelf components. The head on the Golem II was styled to look like that of a CVR-3 helmet. The overall effect was a battloid that resembled Cyclone rider wearing an Alpha suit. With two large plasma-shock expansion engines in the legs and four smaller ones mounted on the back, the Golem II was fully flight capable but nowhere near as fast as the original Golem. Nor did it have the Quimeliquola product’s inertia-vector system, which was key to the original Golem’s maneuverability. Still, the Golem II had plenty enough thrust to allow it to loiter at low altitude where it could provide close air support to troops.

General Characteristics

  • Height: 5.1 meters
  • Depth: 3.2 meters
  • Width: 2.7 meters
  • Weight: 7 tons (dry)


  • Maximum speed, flying: 400 kph
  • Maximum speed, running: 105 kph

Weapons Systems

  • 1 x EU-9 Pulse Particle Beam Cannon
  • 2 x MM-20 Missile Delivery Systems
  • 1 x VMWS-90 Plasma Blade




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Original artwork by: Charles Walton II

Source: Robotech the Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook, by Irvin Jackson

Content by Tim Wing

Copyright © 2015 Tim Wing



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