Maxwell Dynamics IFHV-03-Mk.II Archon Infantry Fighting Hover Vehicle

IFHV-03-Mk.II ArchonMaxwell Dynamics IFHV-03-Mk.II Archon Infantry Fighting Hover Vehicle

by Tim Wing

The IFHV-03-Mk.II Archon Infantry Fighting Hover Vehicle was another one of Maxwell Dynamics parts bin specials. The Archon was a large infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that could carry up to 16 Cyclone riders or 24 light infantrymen. It was constructed using a variety of off the shelf components, to include the cockpit section from the then new Beta Fighter, pre-charger sections from the Alpha fighter and the Karbarran HPC-22 (Harbent 3-6458) Particle Beam Cannon turret from the HWR-23 Wolf Heavy Weapons Robot. The Archon came about through a UEEF requirement for an IFV that was big enough to carry a significant number of infantrymen equipped with Cyclones. Maxwell Dynamics accomplished this in true overkill fashion. The Archon was a beast of an IFV. Not only could it carry 16 Cyclone riders, it also had enough armor and fire power to fill the role of a tank. Its only short coming was that its size limited it to being droppable only by the UEEF’s dwindling supply of Kitsune-class logistics dropships.

General Characteristics

  • Height: 6.1 meters
  • Length: 10.8 meters
  • Width: 5.8 meters
  • Weight: 55.4 metric tons, dry
  • Power plant: Protoculture-cell energizer, 24 standard protoculture cells


  • Speed: 160kph
  • Max hover altitude: 6 meters
  • Max drop height: 300 meters

Weapon Systems

  • 1x HPC-22 Triple Particle Beam Cannon Turret
  • 4x LMMDS-8 Missile Delivery System, eight missiles each
  • 1x crew serve weapon system mount at the Tank Commander’s hatch



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Original artwork by: Charles Walton II

Source: Robotech Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook, by Irvin Jackson

Content by Tim Wing

Copyright © 2015 Tim Wing



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