MAN M-644 OET Oversized Equipment Transport

Mecharecevery1MAN M-644 OET Oversized Equipment Transport

by Tim Wing

The M-641 OET Oversized Equipment Transport was a heavy transport from the post-war era. It was designed to move oversized loads for the reconstruction effort. The UN Spacy, and subsequently the United Earth Defense Forces, ran many of these vehicles throughout the reconstruction period, and well through to the Invid Invasion.

The OET was a large four axel trailer with a four wheel cab in the front. The link between the cab and the trailer was articulated, but the motive power was in the trailer itself. The engine was a pair MTU MB 873 Ka-501 liquid-cooled V-12 Twin-turbo diesel engine (essentially the same engine from the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank) turning electrical generators. Electricity from these generators power the engines at each of the trailers eight hubs. All eight hubs provide steering. The early M-641 and M-641A1 were equipped with one wheel per hub. Later M-643 and M-644 OETs had two wheels per hub. The OET was rated at a cargo capacity of 160 metric tons!




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