GSAT-23 Hyperspace Communications Satellite

GSAT-25GSAT-23 Hyperspace Communications Satellite

by Tim Wing

The GSAT-23 was a common hyperspace communications satellite in use with the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) and the United Earth Expeditionary Forces (UEEF) from 2026 through 2038. These satellites were necessary for maintaining real time communications between the Earth, the colonies and the UEEF. In the opening hours of the Second Robotech War, these satellites were destroyed by the Robotech Masters fleet, severing the Earth’s link with UEEF.



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Original artwork by: Kogawa Tomonori, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Miyo Sonoda, Hiroshi Ogawa, Hirotoshi Ohkura and Takashi Ono

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