General Motors M-70 Kodiak LTSV Light Tactical Support Vehicle

M-306 LTSV 3

ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Robert Morgenstern, with Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen

edited by Tim Wing


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Designation: General Motors M-70 Kodiak LTSV Light Tactical Support Vehicle

I. Dimensions.

  • Weight: 12.5 metric tons
  • Length: 6.4 meters
  • Width: 2.4 meters
  • Height: 2.4 meters

II. Type.

  • Two man, Light Tactical Support Vehicle (LSTV)

III. Service Life

  • Basic combat heavy support vehicle used by the UEEF from 2026.

M-306 LTSV 5IV. Propulsion.

  • Engine: 1 x Siemens heavy duty electric motor powered by protoculture generator.
  • Fuel Capacity: 4 protoculture cells, providing power for 300 hours of operation.

V. Performance.

  • Maximum road speed: 150 kph
  • Maximum cross-country speed: 50 kph
  • Maximum range: 300 hours of operation
  • Fording depth: 1.5 m

VI. Electronics Suite.

  • Thomson LT-8 multi-frequency laser ranger and designator.
  • Short- and medium-range radio systems
  • Additional equipment may be mounted in the cargo area, such as signal detectors, radar systems and jammers


M-306 LTSV 8VII. Armament. (Typical)

  • 1 x 10-tube 60mm x 150mm Recluse rocket propelled grenade launcher mounted on top of the cargo box carrying a total of 40 grenades.


VIII. Armor.

The body of the M-70 series is comprised of a light weight titanium-steel alloy and provides excellent protection against small grenade and shell fragments, good protection against small arms fire, and poor resistance to heavier infantry weapons, such as the 12.7mm machinegun round, as well as from fragments and near misses from higher caliber weapons. These vehicles have open air cabs and provide no environmental support. Plastic/canvas covers are available to protect the driver and passenger from rain and provide limited chemical/biological protection.

M-306 LTSV 1IX. Development.

Due to the small ammunition capacity of the Cyclone veritech cycle, a forward resupply vehicle was determined to be needed to maintain the infantry’s fighting effectiveness. The United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF) developed the M-70 to provide general logistical support to forward deployed forces. They developed reconnaissance, ambulance and a variety of other variants of this design to meet their needs. For combat use, a variety of small fixed-mount weapons were available for use by a second crew member. A rocket-propelled grenade launcher rack was provided for single crew operation to supplement cyclone forces and defend the forward supply vehicle, at the expense of cargo capacity.

The United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) Tactical Corps used a number of these vehicles to support their infantry and Hargun/Garland forces in the field in the early years before they moved to predominantly hover-capable vehicles. As such a number were still in operation by the time the Robotech Masters arrived.



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