Forestall-class Armored Reflex Missile Defense (ARMD)

Langley-class 2Forestall-class Armored Reflex Missile Defense (ARMD) / Super Dimensional Aerospace-craft Carrier (SDCV)

by Tim Wing

The Forestall-class Armored Reflex Missile Defense (ARMD) was a continuation of the First Robotech War H. J. Niven-class ARMD. Though similar in appearance, the Forestall-class was a completely new ship. From the outset, this class was designed as a fold capable aerospace-craft carrier (though it did not receive the designation SDCV until later). Significant design differences included a raised control tower and aerospace-craft handling accommodations on the dorsal side of the ship. The Forestall-class was also twenty meters longer than the Niven-class.

Only two ships were built before the type was superseded by more advanced designs. Both the Forestall and the Riesling served with the UNDF Tactical Space Corps until the beginning of the Second Robotech War. Both ships were destroyed while on station, when the Robotech Master’s Fleet attacked and destroyed the Space Defense Reserve Fleet (SDRF) at the Sea of Tranquility Ship Yard on Earth’s Moon in the opening days of the war.

The UES Forestall is perhaps most famous for its role as the primary location in the filming of “Do You Remember Love”. Though the film did not come out until after the war, and after the ship had been destroyed, principle filming had taken place in late 2028. The war, of course, delayed the release of the film.

Langley-class 4

General Characteristics

  • Ship Type: Armored Reflex Missile Defense (ARMD) vessel, later reclassified as a Super Dimensional Aerospace Carrier (SDCV)
  • Government: United Earth Government
  • Primary Users: UN Spacy, UEDF Tactical Space Corps
  • Manufacturer: OTEC Company
  • Ship Class: 2 ARMD Class
  • Ship Name: ARMD-13 UES Forestall, ARMD-14 UES Riesling
  • Commission Date: July 2014
  • Number of Class Commissioned: 2


  • Length: 450 meters
  • Width: 220 meters
  • Mass: standard operating displacement 174,000 metric tons


  • Power Plant: 2 x Protoculture Fired Reflex Furnace clusters
  • Primary Systems: 2 x OTMN-3T main nozzle clusters; multiple Vernier thrusters; 1 x advanced gravity control system; 1 x Spacefold Drive


  • Langley-class 115 x heavy particle beam cannon
  • 2 x anti-ship missile launchers (mounted dorsal starboard and dorsal port)
  • 6 x guided anti-ship missile launchers
  • Multiple laser turrets
  • Multiple anti-aircraft missile launchers

Air Group (2014)

  • 66 x QF-3000E Ghosts
  • 262 x VF-1 Valkyries



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Original artwork by: Miyatake Kazutaka

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