Esbeliben MBR-13 Boxer Main Battle Robot

Boxer 1ROBOTECH Technical Files

by Tim Wing, Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Robert Morgenstern

Designation: Esbeliben MBR-13 Boxer Main Battle Robot

I. Type:

  • One man Main Battle Destroid.

II. Service History:

  • Served with the UEEF Tactical Corps and Marine Corps from 2035.

III. Propulsion:


  • Powerplant: Protoculture-cell energizer

Fuel Capacity:

  • 16 Standard Canisters of Protoculture

IV. Performance:

  • Protoculture supply: 250 hours operational use.

V. Electronics:

Radar tracking:

  • X-band pulse-doppler, providing medium-range detection and tracking of targets at all altitudes.

Optical tracking:

  • Multi-band digital camera system, for medium range all attitude infra-red imaging, optical and ultra-violet band detection and tracking
  • Multi-frequency laser ranger and designator.

Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):

  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Infra-red Warning Receiver (IRWR)
  • Active sensor jammer
  • Chaff dispenser
  • Flares.

VI. Armament:


  • 2 x Triple Ion Cannon mounted in each forearm.
  • 2 x small-bore laser anti-aircraft guns (mounted aft).


  • (optional) 2 x Touwhaug Rasilszt-10 missile launchers in place of the aft mounted lasers

VII. Armor:

The armor on the Boxer was a low mass, low density development of the standard Tirolian alloy armor. The armor stops all small arms, heavy infantry weapons fire, and light mecha-mounted weaponry, and provided good resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie’s 55mm APFSDS round.

The Boxer provided full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using an overpressure cockpit environment activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The internal consumables supplies could provide atmosphere for three days maximum.

VIII. Development:

prod-26The MBR-13 Boxer was Esbeliben Weapons Factory’s first entry back into the arms market after the fall of the Tirolian Mercantile Empire. The Boxer’s bulbous features were due to the mecha’s thick, well sloped armor that was designed to help it withstand the physical attacks of multiple Invid mecha. The alloy composite armor was porous and lightweight, but took up considerably more volume than other armors of the time. This was a benefit in the case of this mecha, in that the armor was so thick in most places that the claws of Invid mecha such as the Iigaa could not cut all the way through the armor, even at maximal penetration. Many of the sub-assemblies of the Boxer, such as the sensor cluster and many of the leg and arm joints, were protected buy large bulbous armor hoods.

The Boxer was armed with six medium ion cannons, mounted in the arms, and a pair of anti-aircraft and missile lasers mounted on the back in the same style as the company’s battle pods. Like the old Esbeliben battle pods, the rear lasers could be replaced by a missile pod. The Boxer had no thrusters for flight capability, and mounted only the most rudimentary Vernier thrusters for operation in space. When fighting in space, the Boxer relied on magnetized foot pads to maneuver around the decks of capital ships, and carrier only enough reaction mass to get itself back to the ship in the event of it getting knocked or blown off. The omission of thrusters enabled Esbeliben to provide the Boxer with the best armor of any mecha to date, a feature for which the pilots of this Destroid were very thankful!

The Boxer was at first used almost exclusively on the decks of United Earth Expeditionary Forces (UEEF) Navy capital ships. Their heavy armor allowed them to withstand multiple attacks from Invid mecha, while they went about the business of scraping them off one fighter at a time. The Boxers six medium ion cannons and excellent close quarters combat abilities made them ideal for this job. The Boxer was later purchased in large numbers by the UEEF Tactical Corps and Marine Corps. The Boxer also ended up being purchased in large numbers by the Tirolian Republican Army and Navy.



Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (R) is the property of Fuji Television, Artmic Studio and Tatsunoko Production. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.

Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

Acknowledgement is extended to Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern are given credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide that has been utilized in this publication. 

Content by Tim Wing, Peter Walker and Pieter Thomassen, with Rob Morgenstern

Copyright © 1999 Robert Morgenstern, Pieter Thomassen, Peter Walker; 2015 Tim Wing




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